Your retro desk

MultiTool mode
  1. The MultiTool: your primary tool to discover and program Gadgets.
  1. The MultiTool Handle. Drag it to move the MultiTool away and get to the building mode.
  1. Your awesome Gadget!

Building Mode
  1. Your awesome Gadget!
  1. The Mat, your Gadget building area.
  1. The boards’ drawer. Here you’ll find the basic building blocks to shape your Gadget.
  1. The three components drawers. Here you’ll find all the components to place in your Gadget.
  1. The soldering iron. It is used to solder boards together.
  1. The airbrush. Want a fancy Gadget? Use it!
  1. The tweezers. Useful to place and reposition stickers.
  1. The MultiTool handle. Drag it to get to the MultiTool mode.
  1. Your Gadgets Archive. Open it to store and browse your Gadgets.