The CPU is what runs the Code assets in your gadget to control all your gadget's modules.


The different CPU sizes support different amounts of EventChannels at once.

small CPU The small CPU can have up to 4 EventChannels.

medium CPU The medium CPU can have up to 16 EventChannels.

large CPU The large CPU can have up to 64 EventChannels.

Aside from that, the different CPU sizes do not operate differently.


Source Code read only

The code asset uploaded to the CPU.

Time number read only

The time since the gadget is turned on, expressed in seconds.

DeltaTime number read only

The time elapsed since the last tick, expressed in seconds.

EventChannels {Module}

A table which is used to connect each Event Channel with a module in your gadget that can trigger that channel with its events.

In the Multitool


You can set the Source and EventChannels properties from the Multitool while editing your gadget to set these values without using code.