A linear component that slides from one end to the other to set numerical values.

Similar to the Knob in functionality.


Value number

The value returned by the position of the slider, ranging from 0 to 100.

IsMoving boolean read only

Returns true if the user is moving the slider.


SliderValueChangeEvent : { Value number, Type string }

Triggered when the slider is moved.
* Value is the respective value given by the slider's position
* Type is "SliderValueChangeEvent"


A simple code using some math to map the slider's value into the hue of a LED's color:

-- a function that maps "value"
-- from a scale of "src_from" to "src_to"
-- into a scale of "tgt_from" to "tgt_to"
function map(value, src_from, src_to, tgt_from, tgt_to)
	return ((value - src_from) / (src_to - src_from) * (tgt_to - tgt_from)) + tgt_from

-- turn LED on at startup
gdt.Led0.State = true

function update()
	-- map slider 0-100 to hue 0-360
	local hue = map(gdt.Slider0.Value, 0, 100, 0, 360)
	-- set LED color to hue
	gdt.Led0.Color = ColorHSV(hue, 100, 100)