A screen is what displays the images you generate with a VideoChip.


Screens come in five different sizes with the following resolutions each:

16x16 screen 16x16

32x32 screen 32x32

40x40 screen 40x40

64x36 screen 64x36

64x64 screen 64x64

By carefully positioning two or more screens next to each other, you're able to join them together to make screens of different sizes and shapes. Remember you still need to individually connect each separate screen to your VideoChip in order to display images on them.


VideoChip VideoChip

The VideoChip this screen is bound to.

Offset vec2 read only

The offset of the screen's top-left position in the corresponding VideoChip's overall rendering buffer.

Width number read only

The width of the screen in pixels.

Height number read only

The height of the screen in pixels.